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Bait Station System to Detect Termite Feeding Activity Remotely

Enables Pest Control Personnel and Homeowners to Remotely Monitor for Termites with Minimal Required Maintenance of the Bait Stations

This termite detection system uses bait stations that automatically signal a communication receiver when a pre-determined amount of bait consumption is detected, allowing for efficient remote monitoring of multiple bait stations per dwelling. For pest control operators, this will greatly reduce time and labor costs required for regular inspection and maintenance. Detection systems identify the event of substantial consumption of baits by termites around structures. Only then is maintenance required: The consumed bait is replaced with a fresh bait to finish killing the termite colony as well as to intercept newly invading termite colony(s). This system of monitoring and selective treatment offers greater flexibility and environmental sustainability than the alternative, which requires application of a large quantity of pesticides around the entire periphery of the building in an effort to deter termite colonies. However, adoption of the use of bait station systems by homeowners and pest control operators is limited due to the costs associated with required site inspections of bait stations by trained personnel.

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a termite bait station system that can be deployed for several years without maintenance and still reliably monitor termite feeding activity. The system eliminates need for regular on-site inspection by technicians and allows pest control operators to monitor a large number of bait stations at multiple sites remotely.



Remote termite-monitoring system that automatically notifies pest control personnel or homeowners when a substantial amount of bait is consumed by termites



  • Reduces personnel costs associated with inspecting and maintaining bait stations
  • Automatic notification of pest control company (or homeowner) when baits have to be replaced
  • Bait stations can be deployed for several years without on-site maintenance or inspection, making this a more cost-effective system


This innovative remote monitoring system is designed to detect a single event of bait consumption at pre-determined quantity. Each bait station is comprised of two modules; 1) the sensor mechanism that is attached to a termite bait and is, by necessity, exposed to the corrosive soil environment, and 2) the electronic components and power source that are sealed and completely protected from corrosion. A mechanical system is used to detect feeding activity which triggers and activates the electronic components. For any given building or structure, an array of bait stations are deployed around the periphery of the building and when one (or more) is triggered (by termite feeding activity) it transmits a signal alert to an on-site receiver. The receiver connects to the internet or local WiFi network, alerting the pest control operator (and, or homeowner) regarding the location of termite feeding activity. This system eliminates the need for regular bait station inspections to assess termite activity.

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