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Aqueous Hydrogel Formula to Form into Durable Fishing Baits

Mimics the Properties of Various Bait to Attract Targeted Fish

This hydrogel formula for fishing baits features a polymeric network composition with exceptional mechanical properties that enable them to hold a greater amount of attractant while maintaining high durability. Fishermen often utilize artificial baits or lures that mimic the appearance and scent of the associated bait fish. Many available artificial baits and lures use silicone rubber bodies to achieve high durability and resistance to tear. Using hydrogel materials to prepare the fishing bait structures is promising because hydrogels enable greater design flexibility in manufacturing, have a superior ability to hold fish attractants, and can disperse the attractants in aqueous environments. However, available hydrogel materials fail to meet the durability level required to ensure the bait remains on the fishing hooks and resists tear, which prevents successful market adoption.

Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a hydrogel formula to produce artificial fishing baits that has both high flexibility and water content but maintain toughness. The hydrogel’s high water content provides a large attractant loading capacity, enabling extended release of an attractant while fishing.



Highly durable hydrogel formula molded into various artificial fishing baits and lures that mimic the appearance of baitfish and release scent attractants for longer time periods



  • Forms various baits using hydrogel material, supporting easier manufacturability and design flexibility
  • Balances durability with flexible tissue-like behavior, providing both visual attractiveness and reusability
  • Absorbs high levels of aqueous solutions and maintains high strength, increasing attractant uptake for longer scent release without loss in durability
  • Uses biodegradable polymers in the hydrogel body that will breakdown, minimizing impact on the environment


This fishing bait formula is made from strong and aqueous hydrogels and boasts high durability and superior attractant capacity. A combination of water, monomers, polymers, and other compounds form a hydrogel through chemical activation using the crosslinking agent, methylenebisacrylamide. This crosslinked polymer network forms a hydrogel structure having both a Young’s modulus lower than 1000 kPa and a high strain-to-failure, as large as 1000 percent. Since it features these exceptional mechanical properties in conjunction with water composition up to 89 percent, this hydrogel enables the production of fishing baits and lures that are durable and also slowly release a scent desirable to the target fish.

Research Terms: Engineering > Chemical Engineering
Engineering > Materials Sciences
Engineering > Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: Bait, fishing lure, Hydrogel,;
Technology Inventors: Thomas Angelini
William Niederhauser
Michael Norton
Wallace Sawyer
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University: University of Florida
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Associated Patents

Patent Name: Fish baits made from ultra strong hydrogels
Patent Number: US Patent 9,961,890
Patent Status: Issued
Issue Date: May 8, 2018
Patent Record: View full record at google patents
View full record at United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patent Inventors: Wallace Sawyer
Thomas Angelini
Michael Norton
William Niederhauser

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