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Work Sharing Device Assists with Lower Limb Mobility


The University of Central Florida invention is a Work-sharing of Upper Lower Limbs (WULL) device that creates external mechanical pathways to transfer upper limb joint motion or force to the lower limb joints. Mobility assistive devices, such as canes, crutches or walkers, are used to aid in the mobility of those affected by a lower limb impairment or disability. Although proven effective, the main shortcoming of these devices is the underutilization of lower limb muscles, which can decrease muscle mass and function of the lower limbs. Powered wearable devices for mobility assistance, such as exoskeletons or exosuits, have been developed and evolved over the past few decades; however, they are expensive, bulky, heavy, and power-demanding. This invention uses a new approach to assist lower limb motions using upper limb muscles, providing a self-regulated and self-powered means to assist lower limbs during ambulatory movements using upper limb muscles.

Stage of Development

Prototype available.


  • Lightweight, self-regulated and self-powered
  • Helps to overcome the underutilization of lower limb muscles
  • Can be used to support walking, stair ascending/descending, and sit-to-stand
  • Market Application

  • Manufacturers of powered or unpowered ambulatory assistive devices
  • Technology Inventors: Eric Frankle
    Joon-Hyuk Park
    Gabriel Rios Carbonell
    Technology Information URL:
    University: University of Central Florida
    Tech Transfer URL:

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