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Differentially Expressed Gene Therapy for the Early Detection of LGL Leukemia

Researchers at the University of South Florida have discovered a series of both known and novel gene sequences, which happen to be differentially ex-pressed in LGL leukemia. This technology addresses the use of these gene sequences as molecular markers and their possible utility as novel therapeutic targets for the disease.

T-cell large granular lymphocyte (T-LGL) leukemia is a chronic human lymphoproliferative disorder associated with autoimmune disease. It is one of several types of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and presents with enlarged lymphocytes with abundant pale cytoplasm containing con-spicuous azurophilic granules (Figure 1). Autoimmune fea-tures are characteristic of this disease, and many of these patients present with the triad of rheumatoid arthritis, neu-tropenia, and an enlarged spleen.

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University: University of South Florida
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Associated Patents

Patent Name: Differentially expressed genes in large granular lymphocyte leukemia
Patent Number: US Patent 9,513,286
Patent Status: Issued
Issue Date: December 6, 2016
Patent Record: View full record at google patents
View full record at United States Patent and Trademark Office
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