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CoPe EAGER: Multi-Scale Exploration of Nutrient Cycles and its Socio-Economic Impacts in Coastal Areas
Principal Investigator: Julie A Harrington
Florida State University
Inst for Sci & Public Affairs
Principal Investigator: Stephen A Kish
Florida State University

Principal Investigator: Sven Alexander Kranz
Florida State University
Principal Investigator: Ming Ye
Florida State University

Sponsoring Agency: National Science Foundation
Award: $297,900
Begin Date: 10-01-2019
End Date: 09-30-2021
Project Research Terms: Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences > Geology
Earth Sciences > Oceanography
Energy > Energy Economics
Engineering > Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Sciences > Natural Resources
Environmental Sciences > Natural Resources > Renewable Resources
Physical Sciences
Plant Sciences
Social Sciences > Economics
Social Sciences > Economics > Environmental Economics
Social Sciences > Political Science
Social Sciences > Political Science > Public Affairs
Space Sciences > Aerospace Engineering
Industries: CleanTech > Air & Environment
CleanTech > Ocean
Defense & Homeland Security > Marine Science

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