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Monika Ardelt
Professor of Sociology

University of Florida



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Intellectual Knowledge Versus Wisdom: The Case for a Different Kind of Learning in the Later Years of Life
Audience: Adults
Description: Lifelong learning and continued education are essential for older adults who want to stay involved in a rapidly changing world. However, in the later years of life it may be even more important to acquire the timeless and universal knowledge of wisdom. Whereas intellectual knowledge enables older adults to stay involved in worldly affairs, wisdom helps them to prepare for the physical and social decline of old age and ultimately their own death. Moreover, while intellectual knowledge tends to decrease with advancing age, the relationship between wisdom and aging is potentially positive. The difference between intellectual and wisdom-related knowledge is illustrated in the areas of goals, approach, range, acquisition, effects on the knower, and relation to aging to show that wisdom rather than intellectual knowledge is crucial for aging well.

Subject Areas: Humanities
Social Sciences
Keywords: Aging well
Lifelong learning
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Expenses Only

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