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Robert H Tykot

University of South Florida



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Elemental Analysis of Metals, Ceramics, Obsidian and other Materials
Audience: Adults
Description: Use of elemental analysis to identify metal alloys, ceramic types and clay sources, obsidian sources and ancient trade. Also elemental analysis of soils (for phosphates, contaminants), bones (for studying diet). Most research done are applications to archaeological materials and museum collections; talks can focus on particular materials, and particular geographic areas/time periods (e.g. obsidian trade in the Mediterranean; pottery production and trade in the Southeast US; Ancient Greek and Italian metal working).

Subject Areas: Earth Sciences
Foods and Food Science
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Keywords: archaeology applications
chemical analysis
elemental fingerprinting
trade and exchange
Duration: 2-3 hours
Fee: Less than $500
Comments: Could be one-hour lecture, or also include hands-on demonstration of use of portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis spectrometer

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