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Brian Harfe
Associate Professor

University of Florida



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My undergraduate degree is from the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland. After having a lot of fun traveling all over Europe I returned to the United States and obtained a Ph.D. investigating muscle development in the nematode C. elegans in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Fire (2006 Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of RNAi) at Johns Hopkins University. After obtaining my Ph.D. in 1998, I moved to Emory University and began my first postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Dr. Sue Jinks-Robertson working on DNA damage pathways in yeast. In 2000, I moved to Boston were I began my second postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Dr. Cliff Tabin at Harvard Medical School working on the molecular pathways responsible for limb formation using the mouse and chick model systems. In 2003, I became an Assistant Professor in the Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Department at the University of Florida (UF) College of Medicine in Gainesville, Florida. Currently, I am an Associate Professor (tenure) in the UF College of Medicine and Director of the Program in Developmental Genetics. My lab uses the mouse and chick model systems to investigate any area of development that either I, or someone in the lab finds interesting. Currently, projects investigating limb and intervertebral disc development are ongoing in my lab

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