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Jay Huebner

University of North Florida



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The Meteoric Impact Origin of Round Marsh Jacksonville?
Audience: Adults
Description: In August of 1564 Rene Laudonniere, the French commander of the fort, La Caroline, observed a strange event half-a league from the fort, which appears to have been a meteor impact, as described in his memoirs. This illustrated presentation outlines the evidence for the impact origin in the context of the history of the first coast area.

Subject Areas: Earth Sciences
Keywords: 449th [and 450 th] anniversary of this event
Colonial history of the French in Jacksonville
Meteor crater at Round Marsh Jacksonville
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Expenses Only
Comments: This year will be the 449th [and next year the 450th] anniversary of the colonization effort of the French in Jacksonville and the event which we hypothize created the Round Marsh crater.

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