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Gregory Scott Schultz

University of Florida



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Molecular Regulation of Wound Healing - Bench to Bedside
Audience: Adults
Description: Dr. Schultz explains how wound healing is a complex biological process that is regulated by the interaction of growth factors, cytokines, proteases and extracellular matrix components. Prolonged elevated expression of growth factors can lead to excessive scar formation such as hypertrophic skin scars or liver fibrosis. In contrast, chronic inflammation caused by planktonic and biofilm bacteria leads to elevated proteases that cause wound to fail to heal and become chronic. New molecular approaches based on advanced technologies such as targeted gene knockdown can reduce scarring. Chronic wounds can be stimulated to heal by treatments that reduce bacterial bioburden with "smart dressings" combined with recombinant growth factors.

Subject Areas: Biotechnology
Medical Sciences
Keywords: biofilm
chronic wound
wound healing
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Greater than $500
Comments: Dr. Schultz is a frequent speaker at national and international meetings of physicians, nurses and other heal care provides in the general area of wound care.

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