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Alex A Volinsky
Associate Professor

University of South Florida



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Therapeutic fasting for weight loss, maintenance and overall human well-being
Audience: Adults
Description: Human body was not designed to eat at least three meals a day. The presentation describes scientific basis for therapeutic fasting to loose and maintain human body weight and improve overall well-being. Recent developments allow for comfortable fasting, without interruption of the regular lifestyle, including work. The program consists of the breathing exercise to reduce the sense of hunger, along with draining the bile and intestines once per day while fasting. This approach eliminates typical symptoms associated with water fasting, including acidosis, along with the need for a liquid diet when breaking the fast.

Subject Areas: Behavioral Sciences
Foods and Food Science
Medical Sciences
Natural Sciences
Keywords: Fasting
Human Health
Human Well-being
Weight loss
Weight maintenance
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Greater than $500

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