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Lexie Shannon Holliday

University of Florida



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I earned a BS in Biology/Business Empahsis from West Virginia Tech (1985) amd a PhD in Cell Biology from The Florida State University in 1990. I studied amoeboid movement for PhD research and during my first Post Doc with National Academy Member Edward D. Korn at the NIH. My second PostDoc was at Washington University in St Louis where I trained with Stephen L. Gluck in the Renal Division of the Department of Medicine.

I moved to University of Florida in 1998 and joined the College of Dentistry in 200.1 I was tenured in 2006. My work in bone has been seeking to understand novel molecular mechanisms that can be targeted for therapeutic intervention. This led to identification of enoxacin as an anti-resorptive, an old drug with a new activity. More recently enoxacin has been indetified as a novel anti-cancer agent. Patent PCT/US09/68793 Methods for treating osteoclast-related disease, compound and compositions thereof; Lexie Shannon Holliday and David A. Ostrov Inventors, emerged from these studies.

Current research in the lab now includes the study of exosomes/extracellular vesicles in regulation of bone remodeling. Our studies in the currently exploding area of exosomes promise new strategies for treating bone disease.

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