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Ardis Hanson
Assistant Director, Research and Education

University of South Florida



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The consequentiality of communication: Implications for risk researchers
Audience: Adults
Description: In this presentation, I examine how the Federal government has defined disaster communication over three decades. I suggest that communication, and coordination, is more than just an activity that is 'understood'. Risk communication is a complex event that requires shared understanding. It is a situated, in the moment decision making process. Further, ineffective communication has as material and political-legal consequences in disaster and risk management. I conclude with recommendations that disaster communication research takes into consideration the consequentiality of communication, which moves beyond the end results of a risk or crisis event and considers the procedures, dynamics, and structures of communication.

Subject Areas: Communication
Keywords: Disaster Risk Communication
Disaster Studies
Discourse Analysis
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Expenses Only

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