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Ardis Hanson
Assistant Director, Reference and Education

University of South Florida



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My areas of expertise include behavioral health policy and services research, health informatics, and classification research.

As the former director of a specialized mental health research library, I speak on issues involved in the provision of specialized services to faculty and students, as well as services to advocacy groups, persons with behavioral health disorders, and their families. I was a founding member of the USF Virtual Libraries project, with an emphasis on interface design, search and retrieval, and metadata.

As a researcher, I am most interested in how policy and practice is developed through the discourse of the stakeholders. I have examined the use of consumer narrative in policy making, who and/or what is considered expert and/or evidence in the policy process. Most recently, I completed a white paper on how communication is viewed federal disaster policy documents.

I have been a guest speaker at the University of Utrecht and the National Library of Aruba.

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