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Ardis Hanson
Assistant Director, Research and Education

University of South Florida



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Implementation of the electronic health record: Comparison of U.S. and European policies
Audience: Adults
Description: An electronic health record (EHR) is all about patient care and what patient care can tell us as patients, providers, researchers, and policymakers. It can move research into best practices and inform policy. In this presentation I address the intent of the EHR, what it can and cannot do, types of data found in an EHR and how it can be used in practice and administration, and an overview of standards and formats. IN addition, I emphasize the importance of semantically similar data, as well as the competencies and literacies necessary to utilize the EHR effectively. I conclude with a review of challenges and opportunities for the EHR.

Subject Areas: Behavioral Sciences
Medical Sciences
Social Sciences
Keywords: Electronic health records
semantic interoperability
workforce development
Duration: 2-3 hours
Fee: Expenses Only

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