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Laura Anne Warner
Assistant Professor

University of Florida



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Applying audience segmentation to water conservation activities in the landscape: implications for educational programming
Audience: Adults
Description: Audience segmentation can help outreach professionals to better understand various audience groups’ current water use activities and potential conservation activities. This can lead to the development of more impactful water conservation programming based on a segment’s unique attributes.

This presentation will share the findings of recent research on Floridians’ motivations to conserve water in the landscape and reactions to related messages based on various approaches to audience segmentation.

The aim of this presentation is to increase participants’ awareness of some means of segmenting a population of clientele in Florida and tailoring programming to best fit their clientele.

Participants will: Increase knowledge about audience segmentation / Recognize key characteristics that can be used to segment an audience / Identify appropriate strategies to encourage change among specific segments / Increase ability to articulate audience needs based on segmentations / Synthesize new knowledge into future messaging activities based on audience segmentation.

Subject Areas: Behavioral Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Social Sciences
Keywords: Behavior change
Water conservation
Duration: 2-3 hours
Fee: Expenses Only
Comments: Length of presentation and depth of content can be adjusted based on audience needs.

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