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Anthony Abbate

Florida Atlantic University



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Anthony Abbate holds a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Catholic University of America. Abbate is a Professor at the School of Architecture and Associate Provost for the Broward Campuses at Florida Atlantic University.

His research examines historical and contemporary sustainable design and construction practices in the hot-humid climate zones of the tropics and subtropics at two scales: the macro/urban and the micro/detail. In connection with this line of inquiry, and in the context of the built environment of the contemporary city, the deeper unresolved tensions between globalization and regionalism are explored as they relate to climate change, sense of place, sustainability. He was co-chair of the International Conference of Subtropical Cities in 2011 and 2013. He published Subtropical Sustainable: A Context Sensitive Design Approach to Redevelopment in Broward County, and a chapter in Miami Modern Metropolis: Mid-century Architecture and Urbanism in the Tropics, edited by Allan Shulman. Abbate has contributed to proceedings at academic conferences and presented at workshops and conferences in the Australia, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, and the US.

A registered architect and practicing professional, he is accredited by the US Green Building Council in Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design, and has received 22 awards for design excellence from the American Institute of Architects for architectural and urban design. Some of his recent works include the internationally recognized Broward County County-wide Community Design Guidebook, a strategic planning tool to encourage sustainable urban redevelopment that is responsive to climate and environment. Abbate received the Arango Design Award in 2000 as top designer under 40 in the United States. He received Washington University's Distinguished Alumni Award in 1995, and Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects awards for Distinguished Service to the profession in 1993, and the William G. McMinn Award for Outstanding Architectural Education in 2014.

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