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Marc Baarmand

Florida Institute of Technology



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The quest for understanding the nature of existence from ancient to modern times.
Audience: Adults
Description: In this talk, I will give a historical review of the meaning of the words physics, mathematics and metaphysics, exploring these changing concepts and their relationship from antiquity to modern times. I will start with the views of Aristotle from the ancient times, then discuss those of St. Thomas Aquinas from the medieval times, then move to the revolutionary 1610 publication of Siderius Nuncios by Galileo, Bacon’s new method, development of scientific method, Newton’s gravitation and empty space, Einstein’s relativity, the observability of Compte and Bohr, the 1964 Gell-Mann revolution, all leading to the rise of a new metaphysical age. In this context I will discuss a current metaphysical question (what is ultimately real) in the study of elementary particles and fields, namely gravity and the superstring theory. I will close by mentioning a few metaphysical questions on the origin and existence of the universe.

Subject Areas: Humanities
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Keywords: existence
physics and mathematics
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Expenses Only
Comments: The presentation is well suited for an audience of science and philosophy enthusiasts.

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