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Razvan Teodorescu
Associate Professor

University of South Florida



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Efficient algorithms for statistical inference on graphs: from social networks to natural hazard management
Audience: Adults
Description: Many complex systems from fields as diverse as social networks, mathematical biology, or smart electrical power grids can be modeled as a graph of statistical correlations. The task of making a decision based on such a model (e.g., identifying an imminent hazard, or predicting an oncoming surge of activity on social networks) may appear as being hopelessly complicated and out of reach. This presentation describes a few advanced algorithms that greatly reduce the complexity of decision-making, by following the evolution of "beliefs" (or Bayesian data) on the graph.

Subject Areas: Computer Science
Information Science
Military Sciences
Keywords: Hazard management
Smart grids
Social networks
Threat detection
Uncertainty quantification
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Expenses Only

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