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Kenneth L Schepler

University of Central Florida



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Transition-Metal Solid-State Lasers
Audience: Adults
Description: The course covers fundamental principles of transition-metal ion spectroscopy, semiconductor host materials, transition-metal infrared lasers and their applications. Performance of transition-metal infrared lasers such as Cr2+:ZnSe/S and Fe2+:ZnSe will be reviewed including cw, gain-switched, and modelocked operation. Recent advances in waveguide operation will also be reviewed. Broadband tunability and operation in a multitude of formats leads to applications which encompass infrared spectroscopy, sensing, imaging, free-space communications, infrared countermeasures and high-field effects.

Subject Areas: Natural Sciences
Physical Sciences
Keywords: infrared
spectroscopy of laser materials
Duration: 2-3 hours
Fee: Expenses Only
Comments: The content could be revised in content and length for different audiences from adults to elementary school. It was initially given as a 90-minute short course at the University of Central Florida.

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