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Robert Lawrence Bertini

University of South Florida



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The Future of Transportation
Audience: Adults
Description: The dynamics within the transportation sector influence the global economy, the environment and the quality of life of the world’s citizens. Transportation decisions made today will influence generations in the future—determining where people live, work and play, and how people and goods move. Our cities, suburbs, rural areas, and undeveloped sectors are shaped by transportation and technological decisions being made today. We are also in the midst of a set of transformational technological and social changes that are influencing how transportation decisions are being made by users and governmental entities. There is no question that the future of transportation will be driven by revolutions in information technology, automation, big data, electrification and the sharing economy. More transportation choices will be available to all users but we still need to gain a greater understanding of how these revolutions will affect the ways that transportation systems are planned, financed, implemented, operated and rehabilitated. We need better tools in the hands of users, practitioners and decision-makers at this critical time. This lecture will address these key points as well as provide perspectives specifically from the U.S., and the potential directions that the new administration will take from a transportation policy standpoint.

Subject Areas: Engineering
Keywords: Challenges
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: No Cost

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