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Omotayo Jolaosho
Assistant Professor

University of South Florida



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“Singing for Freedom in South Africa”
Audience: Adults
Description: Music plays many roles in our lives. These range from the pure enjoyment we experience at a concert to the soothing sounds of a lullaby that comfort a restless child. In South Africa, music played a clear and important role in unraveling apartheid. Built upon established South African oral traditions that include storytelling, poetry, and song, freedom songs became an important and powerful tool used by anti-apartheid activists for needs as simple as relaying information about events in the struggle to more subtle but equally important ends such as disguising messages so they would not run afoul of government censorship.

This presentation, which will include video clips from South African protests and other activist events, will explore the continuing relevance of the songs that galvanized South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggles among contemporary activists.

Subject Areas: Area Studies
Social Sciences
Keywords: Activism
Freedom Songs
Liberation Music
Social Movements
Duration: 2-3 hours
Fee: Greater than $500

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