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Kathryn Ann Hendry
Senior Grants Specialist

University of West Florida



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Starting a Revolution Millennial's Advancing in Research Administration
Audience: Adults
Description: It is no surprise that millennials are in the workforce at high numbers but what is surprising is how Millennials are being defined by certain stereotypes making it harder to be successful in nontraditional career paths, such as Research Administration. Certain studies have depicted Millennials as self-centered, unmotivated, disrespectful, and disloyal, contributing to widespread concern about how communication with Millennials will affect organizations. Throughout the presentation, on-the-spot surveying, rapid Q & A and in-depth discussions on the different obstacles millennials are facing will allow for sharing of ideas and identify ways in which our generation can benefit from uniting instead of being divided by characteristics inscribed on us. This discussion presentation will also provide attendees with a set of best practices for both working with millennials in the workplace as well as best practices for millennials overcoming the generational gap in their own organization.

Subject Areas: Communication
Gender Studies
Keywords: Millennials
Research Administration
Duration: half day
Fee: Expenses Only

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