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Nathaniel Paul von der Embse
Assoc Professor

University of South Florida



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Assessing and remediating academic and test anxieties
Audience: High School
Description: As high-stakes testing in schools becomes more prevalent, so too does reported instances of test and academic anxieties. The purpose of this workshop is to understand the multifaceted nature of academic anxiety before, during, and after testing, as well as situationally specific forms of academic anxiety. Participants will learn several test anxiety assessments to inform evidence-based interventions. The presenters will discuss practical strategies for working with highly anxious students as well as consulting with teachers and schools in how best to prepare students for the annual high-stakes exam. This presentation can be adapted as half and full-day workshops.

Subject Areas: Education
Social Sciences
Keywords: Anxiety
High-stakes testing
Test Anxiety
Duration: 2-3 hours
Fee: Greater than $500

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