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Kyle Brandon Reed
Assoc Professor

University of South Florida



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Human-Robot-Human Haptic Interactions
Audience: Adults
Description: This talk will focus on the joint action of human-human teams and human-robot teams interacting. In one study inspired by a physical therapist guiding a patient, two people jointly work on a physical task to move an object. The results show that the two individuals divided the forces into distinct motions and performed faster than they did alone, despite participants' opinions to the contrary. However, when specialization was programmed into a robot partner, subjects did not specialize, and their performance was worse. During a bimanual task, where both arms are controlled by the same person, some of the same interactions exist, but the higher coordination enables additional interactions that can be used for self-rehabilitation of stroke. The coordinated motions that are possible between the hands will be discussed. Throughout this talk, the forces involved in the interaction will be discussed to demonstrate the subtle interactions of haptic negotiation.

Subject Areas: Engineering
Keywords: haptics
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Expenses Only

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