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Edward Gonzalez-Tennant

University of Central Florida



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The Archaeology of Disaster: How Researching the Past Prepares Us for the Future
Audience: Adults
Description: This talk explores how archaeology illuminates the hidden connections between events like race riots, hurricanes, and other disasters. While these connections may be difficult to identify, they do share important similarities. The common thread is risk and vulnerability, topics at the heart of an emerging discipline known as disaster archaeology. Although most recognize that archaeology is the science of the human past, many forget that as a science this means archaeological research is also predictive. In regards to risk and vulnerability, this emerging approach understands that neither are randomly distributed across society. Instead, risk and vulnerability emerge through cultural practices. They are concentrated in time and space, and this concentration leaves physical evidence for the archaeologist. The use of emerging technologies like computer mapping, 3D modeling, and remote sensing are revealing how this evidence can simultaneously illuminate the past while providing lessons for the future.

Subject Areas: Environmental Sciences
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Keywords: Archaeology
Coastal Resiliency
Remote Sensing
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Less than $500

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