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Deanna Sellnow

University of Central Florida



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The IDEA Model Framework for Effective Instructional Communication in Times of Risk and Crisis
Audience: Adults
Description: The IDEA model demonstrates how messages that address affective, cognitive, and behavioral learning and are distributed through accessible channels are successful in inspiring public compliance. Recent work clarifies this by illustrating the critical role of dialogue in co-constructing risk messages with publics (Sellnow et al., 2021). Dialogue has the potential to diminish manipulation, coercion, and hierarchical power structures in the comprehension of and compliance with actionable instructions regarding threatening risk issues. An absence of dialogue in the development of many public health campaigns related to COVID-19, for example, created considerable turbulence and division in the response of publics globally. This presentation illustrates how to use the IDEA model to communicate effectively regarding critical public risk issues and crisis events.

Subject Areas: Communication
Keywords: crisis communication
message design
risk communication
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Less than $500

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