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Monika Ardelt
Professor of Sociology

University of Florida



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Re-humanizing the Workplace: The Characteristics and Benefits of Wise Organizations
Audience: Adults
Description: Research shows that wisdom benefits individuals, but is this also true for organizations? To answer this question, this presentation first compares the characteristics of wise and not-so-wise organizations in the areas of goals, approach, range, characteristics of leaders and employees, and perception of aging. Guided by this framework, we created a novel wise organization index and tested the effects of wise organizations and wise leadership on employees’ job fulfillment and physical and subjective well-being in two different studies that included a total of 33 organizations and 2751 employees. The results suggest that wise organizations encourage wise leadership, and wise leadership, in turn, fosters job fulfillment, which benefits employees’ physical and subjective well-being. Hence, wise organizations ultimately enhance workers’ well-being, which likely contributes to the success and reputation of the organization through higher employee productivity and better customer service.

Subject Areas: Business Administration
Social Sciences
Keywords: Employees' physical well-being
Employees' subjective well-being
Job fulfillment
Wise leadership
Wise organizations
Duration: 1 hour or less
Fee: Greater than $500

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