MagLab Part of Sustainable Jet Fuel Research

MagLab scientists are helping study the feasibility of turning corn harvest waste into a cost-competitive jet fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The team includes fuel company POET, which produces ethanol from corn and wants to find a use for leftover husks and stalks, and research entity RTI International, which has built a way to process such waste through pyrolysis.

MagLab experts will use the facility’s 21-tesla Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance mass spectrometry system to analyze the mixture, with the goal of improving efficiency and increasing production capacity. "It's sort of like having a world class taste tester of your cookie recipes. They're tasting it and telling you exactly ‘that's too much vanilla', or ‘that's too much this', and you can change the recipe to perfect the product," says FSU’s Ryan Rodgers.

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