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Zhiyong Liang

Florida State University



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Begin Date End Date Title
05-16-2022 07-31-2022 ECS Yarn Microstructure Mapping Study under ARPA-E, NanoComp
08-20-2021 05-13-2023 Design and Scale-up Manufacturing of Aerospace Composites for Enhanced Electromagnetic and Thermal Protection Multifunctional Performance
05-20-2019 08-19-2020 EIEG:Acquisition of a New General Purpose Benchtop X-ray Diffractometer for Enhancing Material Researches at the FSU Southwest Campus
05-01-2019 05-01-2020 Production Of High Dimensional Order Carbon Nanotube Textiles For Scalable Manufacturing Of Multifunctional Nanotube - Carbon Hybrid Composites
04-01-2019 11-30-2019 Characterizations of Nanocomp HGR Material
03-07-2019 06-30-2021 Characterizations Of High-Performance Carbon Nanotube Materials
06-15-2017 08-31-2023 Institute For Ultra-Strong Composites By Computational Design
12-15-2016 12-14-2021 Mechanisms and Properties of Molecular Self-assembly and Load Transfer in Large-scale CNT Assemblages and CNT/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Materials
11-28-2016 03-01-2019 Demonstration Setup of Floating Catalyst Synthesis Process and High Conductive Cnt Tape Samples
06-09-2016 03-13-2017 Scale-up Study And Demonstration Of Scale-Up Highly Aligned And High Concentration CNT Reinforced Composites For Aerospace Applications
11-19-2014 04-30-2015 Continuous Buckypaper Sample Fabrication Demonstration
05-01-2014 04-30-2020 REU Site: Research Experience for Undergraduates: Retaining Engineers through Research Entrepreneurship and Advanced-Materials Training
10-01-2013 09-30-2018 SNM: Roll-To-Roll Manufacturing of High Quality Bucky-Tape With Aligned and Crosslinked Carbon Nanotubes Through In-Line Sensing and Control
06-01-2013 12-01-2013 Feasibility Study For Separating And Modifying Sikes Pipe Company's Clay Depository For Potential Applications (0000024670)
04-01-2013 03-31-2015 Heterogeneously Structured Conductive Resin Matrix/Graphite Fiber Composite for High Thermal Conductive Structural Applications
11-29-2012 11-28-2015 Ultra-long Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis Study: Porous Catalysis and Directionally Floating Growth
09-28-2012 09-27-2014 Socket Optimized for Comfort with Advanced Technologies (SOCAT)
09-30-2011 06-30-2012 Through-Thickness Mechanical and Thermal Property Enhancement Using CNT Yarn Stitching Approach
09-01-2011 12-31-2012 Fabrication and Characterization of CNT Buckpaper/CF Pre
07-01-2011 06-30-2015 Macroscopic Crosslinked Neat Carbon Nanotube Materials and CNT/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Composites: Supermolecular Structure and New Failure Mode Study
06-09-2011 11-30-2017 DREAM- Diversity in Research and Engineering of Advanced Materials Training
05-15-2011 05-14-2012 EIEG: A 3-Axis CNC Video Measuring System for Precision Physical Measurements that are Critical to Advanced Materials and Biological Research
05-15-2011 05-14-2012 EIEG: Desktop Machines for Battery and Capacitor Research and Development
05-09-2011 06-30-2012 High-Performance Flexible Batteries
03-21-2011 06-30-2013 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies for the Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Soldier Protection Systems
01-10-2011 01-10-2012 Electrical Conductivity Improvement of Carbon Nanotube
12-01-2010 12-31-2012 Development of a Low-Cost High-Efficiency 10Kw Portable Pemfc System
11-22-2010 12-31-2014 Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper/Thermoplastic Composites: Synthesis and Nanostructure-Property Relationship Study
10-01-2010 05-31-2011 Feasiblitiy Study For Potential Acoustic Device Applicat
08-28-2010 05-15-2011 Advanced Nanotube Micro-Munition Weapon Technology Initiative II
08-01-2010 01-31-2013 High Mechanical Performance and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielded Multifunctional Composites
07-06-2010 06-02-2011 Diversity in Research and Engineering of Advanced Materials (DREAM)
07-01-2010 06-30-2014 REU Site: Non Participant Support -- Retaining Engineers through Research Entrepreneurship and Advanced - Materials Training
12-22-2009 12-21-2010 Multifunctional Composite Materials and Heat Pipes
11-30-2009 03-31-2013 Development and Demonstration of Composite Avionics Box
05-25-2009 07-31-2009 DREAM - Diversity in Research and Engineering of Advanced Materials
12-01-2008 12-01-2009 Advanced Nanotube Micro-Munition Technology
10-20-2008 05-30-2009 Solvent-Free Mixing and Buckypaper Prepreg Solutions for Ultrahigh Loading of Carbon Nanotubes in Structural Resins for Advanced Composites Applications
07-22-2008 08-31-2009 Carbon Nanotube Heat Pipes
06-30-2008 08-31-2009 Modeling and Simulation of SWNT Buckypaper Electrical Conductivity
06-04-2008 10-31-2008 Development and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper Bimorph Actuators
03-07-2008 09-30-2009 Development and Characterization of High Mechanical Performance Nanotube Composites
08-01-2007 04-30-2008 Innovative Process for Continuous Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Membranes (BuckyPaper)
06-01-2007 03-31-2008 Investigation of Interlaminar Behavior of SAPI Backing Materials
05-02-2007 07-31-2007 Fabrication of Randomly Oriented SWTN/MWNT Buckypaper Samples
04-18-2007 05-30-2007 Fabrication of Randomly Oriented SWTN/MWNT Buckypaper Samples
12-22-2006 02-28-2007 Fabrication of Randomly Oriented and Magnetically Aligned SWTN Buckypaper Samples
12-15-2006 02-06-2020 Center of Excellence in Advanced Materials
10-26-2006 01-29-2007 Design and Fabrication of a Thermal Management Demonstration Panel Using SWNT Buckypaper
09-01-2006 12-08-2006 Exploration and Demonstration of SWNT Buckypaper/Shape Memory Polymer Nanocomposites for Morphing Structure Applications
09-02-2005 02-20-2006 Impregnating Buckypapers with Polycarbonate Thermoplastic
08-30-2005 12-10-2005 Demonstration of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with Lightweight Multifunctional SWNT Buckypaper Nanocomposites Skin
04-15-2005 08-14-2009 Investigation and Optimization of High Performance Nanocomposites Produced with Nonotube Buckpaper Materials
04-27-2004 06-30-2013 Cooperative Agreement: Nanocomposites Optimized Fo

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