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Robert J Cousins
Eminent Scholar, Boston Family Professor,  and Director of the Center for Nutritional Studies

University of Florida



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Center for Nutritional Sciences (IFAS)
University: University of Florida
Director: Robert J. Cousins
Address: 201 Food Science Bldg.,
PO Box 110370
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: (352) 392-2133
Fax: 3523921008
Type: University Institute or Center
Mission: 1) serve as a focal point for coordination of the University's nutrition activities; 2) foster collaborative research ventures in nutritional sciences; 3) encourage and facilitate entry of superior students into graduate study in nutrition; 4) encourage integration of basic nutritional science into clinical and applied nutrition; 5) promote quality in nutrition research and education; 6) provide a mechanism to enhance extramural funding; and 7) act as a state resource base in nutritional science. The Center for Nutritional Sciences was a key factor in creating a Doctoral Program in Nutritional Science at UF. That program was approved by the BOG on June 18, 2009. The program currently has 27 doctoral students and 4 PhD graduates.
Research Descriptors: Biochemistry

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