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Brad E Hoffman
Assistant Professor

University of Florida


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Recent Publications:

1    Yin L, Keeler GD, Zhang Y, Hoffman BE, Ling C, Qing K, Srivastava A. AAV3-miRNA vectors for growth suppression of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitro and human liver tumors in a murine xenograft model in vivo. Gene Therapy. 2020:1-13
2    Yang H, Qing K, Keeler GD, Yin L, Mietzsch M, Ling C, Hoffman BE, Agbandje-McKenna M, Tan M, Wang W. Enhanced transduction of human hematopoietic stem cells by AAV6 vectors: Implications in gene therapy and genome editing. Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids. 2020
3    Shirley JL, Keeler GD, Sherman A, Zolotukhin I, Markusic DM, Hoffman BE, Morel LM, Wallet MA, Terhorst C, Herzog RW. Type I IFN sensing by cDCs and CD4+ T cell help are both requisite for cross-priming of AAV capsid-specific CD8+ T cells. Molecular Therapy. 2020;28(3):758-70
4    Keeler GD, Markusic DM, Hoffman BE. Liver induced transgene tolerance with AAV vectors. Cellular immunology. 2019;342:103728
5    Herzog RW, Cooper M, Perrin GQ, Biswas M, Martino AT, Morel L, Terhorst C, Hoffman BE. Regulatory T cells and TLR9 activation shape antibody formation to a secreted transgene product in AAV muscle gene transfer. Cellular immunology. 2019;342:103682
6    Keeler GD, Kumar S, Palaschak B, Silverberg EL, Markusic DM, Jones NT, Hoffman BE. Gene therapy-induced antigen-specific Tregs inhibit neuro-inflammation and reverse disease in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. Molecular Therapy. 2018;26(1):173-83
7    Rogers GL, Shirley JL, Zolotukhin I, Kumar SR, Sherman A, Perrin GQ, Hoffman BE, Srivastava A, Basner-Tschakarjan E, Wallet MA. Plasmacytoid and conventional dendritic cells cooperate in crosspriming AAV capsid-specific CD8+ T cells. Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology. 2017;129(24):3184-95
8    Kumar SR, Hoffman BE, Terhorst C, de Jong YP, Herzog RW. The balance between CD8+ T cell-mediated clearance of AAV-encoded antigen in the liver and tolerance is dependent on the vector dose. Molecular Therapy. 2017;25(4):880-91
9    Krotova K, Marek GW, Wang RL, Aslanidi G, Hoffman BE, Khodayari N, Rouhani FN, Brantly ML. Alpha-1 antitrypsin-deficient macrophages have increased matriptase-mediated proteolytic activity. American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology. 2017;57(2):238-47
10    Herzog RW, Sherman A, Hoffman BE. Innate Immune Activation Via TLR9 May Enhance Antibody Formation Against Factors VIII and IX in Protein and Gene Therapy. Blood. 2017;130(Supplement 1):3651-
11    Zolotukhin I, Markusic DM, Palaschak B, Hoffman BE, Srikanthan MA, Herzog RW. Potential for cellular stress response to hepatic factor VIII expression from AAV vector. Molecular Therapy-Methods & Clinical Development. 2016;3:16063
12    Xiao Y, Kwon K-C, Hoffman BE, Kamesh A, Jones NT, Herzog RW, Daniell H. Low cost delivery of proteins bioencapsulated in plant cells to human non-immune or immune modulatory cells. Biomaterials. 2016;80:68-79
13    Vercauteren K, Hoffman BE, Zolotukhin I, Keeler GD, Xiao JW, Basner-Tschakarjan E, High KA, Ertl HC, Rice CM, Srivastava A. Superior in vivo transduction of human hepatocytes using engineered AAV3 capsid. Molecular Therapy. 2016;24(6):1042-9
14    Kumar S, Hoffman BE, Herzog RW. 79. Vector Dose Delineates Between Chronic, Non-Functional CD8+ T Cell Response and Tolerance to the Transgene Product Upon Liver Gene Transfer. Molecular Therapy. 2016;24:S35
15    Wang X, Su J, Sherman A, Rogers GL, Liao G, Hoffman BE, Leong KW, Terhorst C, Daniell H, Herzog RW. Plant-based oral tolerance to hemophilia therapy employs a complex immune regulatory response including LAP+ CD4+ T cells. Blood. 2015;125(15):2418-27
16    Pandya M, Britt K, Ling C, Hoffman B, Aslanidi G. 221. The Utilization of Capsid-Optimized Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Vectors for Cancer Immunotherapy. Molecular Therapy. 2015;23:S87
17    Pandya M, Britt K, Hoffman B, Ling C, Aslanidi GV. Reprogramming immune response with capsid-optimized AAV6 vectors for immunotherapy of cancer. Journal of immunotherapy (Hagerstown, Md: 1997). 2015;38(7):292
18    Hoffman BE. 521. AAV Immunotherapy Induces Functional Antigen Specific Regulatory T-Cells to a Neuroantigen: A Potential Treatment for MS. Molecular Therapy. 2015;23:S209
19    Sarkar D, Biswas M, Liao G, Seay HR, Perrin GQ, Markusic DM, Hoffman BE, Brusko TM, Terhorst C, Herzog RW. Ex vivo expanded autologous polyclonal regulatory T cells suppress inhibitor formation in hemophilia. Molecular Therapy-Methods & Clinical Development. 2014;1:14030
20    Zolotukhin I, Luo D, Gorbatyuk O, Hoffman B, Warrington Jr K, Herzog R, Harrison J, Cao O. Improved adeno-associated viral gene transfer to murine glioma. Journal of genetic syndrome & gene therapy. 2013;4(133)
21    Markusic DM, Hoffman BE, Perrin GQ, Nayak S, Wang X, LoDuca PA, High KA, Herzog RW. Effective gene therapy for haemophilic mice with pathogenic factor IX antibodies. EMBO molecular medicine. 2013;5(11):1698-709
22    Hoffman BE, Herzog RW. Covert warfare against the immune system: decoy capsids, stealth genomes, and suppressors. Molecular Therapy. 2013;21(9):1648-50
23    Rogers GL, Hoffman BE. Optimal immunofluorescent staining for human factor IX and infiltrating T cells following gene therapy for hemophilia B. Journal of genetic syndrome & gene therapy. 2012
24    Hoffman BE, Ertl HC, Terhorst C, High KA, Herzog RW. Gene therapy research at the frontiers of viral immunology. Frontiers in microbiology. 2012;3:182
25    Nayak S, Sarkar D, Perrin GQ, Moghimi B, Hoffman BE, Zhou S, Byrne BJ, Herzog RW. Prevention and reversal of antibody responses against factor IX in gene therapy for hemophilia B. Frontiers in microbiology. 2011;2:244
26    Hoffman BE, Martino AT, Sack BK, Cao O, Liao G, Terhorst C, Herzog RW. Nonredundant roles of IL-10 and TGF-? in suppression of immune responses to hepatic AAV-factor IX gene transfer. Molecular Therapy. 2011;19(7):1263-72
27    Verma D, Moghimi B, LoDuca PA, Singh HD, Hoffman BE, Herzog RW, Daniell H. Oral delivery of bioencapsulated coagulation factor IX prevents inhibitor formation and fatal anaphylaxis in hemophilia B mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2010;107(15):7101-6
28    Markusic DM, Herzog RW, Aslanidi GV, Hoffman BE, Li B, Li M, Jayandharan GR, Ling C, Zolotukhin I, Ma W. High-efficiency transduction and correction of murine hemophilia B using AAV2 vectors devoid of multiple surface-exposed tyrosines. Molecular Therapy. 2010;18(12):2048-56
29    Nayak S, Cao O, Hoffman B, Cooper M, Zhou S, Atkinson M, Herzog R. Prophylactic immune tolerance induced by changing the ratio of antigen?specific effector to regulatory T cells. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 2009;7(9):1523-32
30    Martino AT, Nayak S, Hoffman BE, Cooper M, Liao G, Markusic DM, Byrne BJ, Terhorst C, Herzog RW. Tolerance induction to cytoplasmic ?-galactosidase by hepatic AAV gene transfer—implications for antigen presentation and immunotoxicity. PloS one. 2009;4(8):e6376
31    LoDuca PA, Hoffman BE, Herzog RW. Hepatic gene transfer as a means of tolerance induction to transgene products. Current gene therapy. 2009;9(2):104-14
32    Hoffman B, Cao O, Moghimi B, Nayak S, Cooper M, Zhou S, Ertl H, High K, Herzog R. Substantial impact of the genetic mutation and the gene transfer protocol on immune responses to factor IX in AAV-based therapy for hemophilia B: AS-TU-015. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 2009;7
33    Cooper M, Nayak S, Hoffman BE, Terhorst C, Cao O, Herzog RW. Improved induction of immune tolerance to factor IX by hepatic AAV-8 gene transfer. Human gene therapy. 2009;20(7):767-76
34    Cao O, Hoffman BE, Moghimi B, Nayak S, Cooper M, Zhou S, Ertl HC, High KA, Herzog RW. Impact of the underlying mutation and the route of vector administration on immune responses to factor IX in gene therapy for hemophilia B. Molecular Therapy. 2009;17(10):1733-42
35    Nayak S, Hoffman B, Atkinson M, Cao O, Herzog RW. RNA-BASED GENE CONTROL & TECHNICAL ADVANCES IN GENE REGULATION. Molecular Therapy. 2008;16:1
36    Hoffman BE, Herzog RW. Coaxing the liver into preventing autoimmune disease in the brain. The Journal of clinical investigation. 2008;118(10):3271-3
37    Cooper M, Nayak S, Hoffman B, Cao O, Herzog RW. 1010. Tolerance Induction to Factor IX by Gene Transfer in an Unfavorable Genetic Background. Molecular Therapy. 2008;16:1
38    Hoffman BE, Dobrzynski E, Wang L, Hirao L, Mingozzi F, Cao O, Herzog RW. Muscle as a target for supplementary factor IX gene transfer. Human gene therapy. 2007;18(7):603-13
39    Oleszak EL, Hoffman BE, Chang JR, Zaczynska E, Gaughan J, Katsetos CD, Platsoucas CD, Harvey N. Apoptosis of infiltrating T cells in the central nervous system of mice infected with Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus. Virology. 2003;315(1):110-23
40    Prineas JW, Kwon EE, Cho ES, Sharer LR, Barnett MH, Oleszak EL, Hoffman B, Morgan BP. Immunopathology of secondary?progressive multiple sclerosis. Annals of Neurology: Official Journal of the American Neurological Association and the Child Neurology Society. 2001;50(5):646-57
41    Oleszak EL, Lin WL, Legido A, Melvin J, Hardison H, Hoffman BE, Katsetos CD, Platsoucas CD. Presence of oligoclonal T cells in cerebrospinal fluid of a child with multiphasic disseminated encephalomyelitis following hepatitis A virus infection. Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology. 2001;8(5):984-92
42    Oleszak EL, Lin WL, Legido A, Melvin J, Hardison H, Hoffman BE, Katsetos CD, Platsoucas CD. IMMUNE-MEDIATED RESPONSES AND DISORDERS-Presence of Oligoclonal T Cells in Cerebrospinal Fluid of a Child with Multiphasic Disseminated Encephalomyelitis following Hepatitis A Virus Infection. Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology. 2001;8(5):984-92


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