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Irina Agoulnik

Florida International University



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Professional Presentations

Presentation Title Event Title Organization
10. Role of AR Coregulators in Prostate Cancer Progression University of Pittsburgh, Department of Urology, Pittsburg, PA
11. Functional Consequences of NCoR Loss in Prostate Cancer Prostate SPORE meeting Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
12. NCoR is a key coregulator of AR action in prostate and prostate cancer Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY
13. Androgen Receptor Coregulators in Prostate Cancer Distinguished guest lecturer The Chinese University of Hong Kong
14. Androgen regulated Expression of Tumor Suppressor in Normal and Malignant Prostate. Distinguished guest lecturer Tongji University, Shanghai, China
15. AR coregulators as therapeutic targets in prostate cancer. Univercity of Miami School of Medicine
AR signaling in prostate cancer progression FIU Deparment of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Miami, FL

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