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Trey Vasquez

University of Central Florida


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Recent Publications:

Rock, M., L., Spooner, F., Nagro, S., Vasquez, E., Dunn, C., Leko, M., Luckner, J., *Donehower, C., *Jones, J. L. (2016). Transforming teacher development in the digital age: Policy drivers, implications, and recommendations. Teacher Education and Special Education (Invited Special Issue) 39 (2): 98-120.

Israel, M., Vasquez, E., Donehower, C. (In Press). Using the UDL framework to enhance education technology-supported learning in reading and writing for all students. Journal of Intervention School and Clinic (Invited Special Issue) .

*Walker, Z., Vasquez, E., Wienke, W. (2016). The impact of simulated interviews for individuals with intellectual disability. Journal of Educational Technology & Society (Invited special issue)19, 1, 76-88.

*+Massengale, L., Vasquez, E. (2016). Assessing Accessibility: How accessible are postsecondary online courses for students with disabilities? Journal On The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 16 (1): 69-79.

Vasquez, E., Welch, G., Marino, M , Hughes, D., *Koch, A., *Delisio, L., (2015). Virtual learning environments for students with disabilities: A review and analysis of the empirical literature and two case studies. Rural Special Education Quarterly (Invited Special Issue) 34(3):26-32.

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Vasquez, E., & Straub, C. (2015). Online instruction in writing for students with learning disabilities: A review of the literature. Reading and Writing Quarterly, 1-20.

*+McKinney, T., & Vasquez, E. (2014). There’s a bug in your ear! Using technology to increase the accuracy of DTT implementation. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

Marino, M. T., *Becht, K., Vasquez, E., *Gallup, J., Basham, J. & *Gallegos, B. (2014). Enhancing secondary science content accessibility with video games. TEACHING Exceptional Children.

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Marino, M. T., Gotch, C. M., Israel, M., Vasquez, E., Basham, J. D., & Becht, K. (2014). UDL in the middle school science classroom: Can video games and alternative text heighten engagement and learning for students with learning disabilities? Journal of Learning Disabilities Quarterly,.

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*Vince Garland, K., Vasquez, E., & Pearl, C. (2012). Efficacy of individualized clinical coaching in a virtual reality classroom for increasing teachers’ fidelity of implementation of discrete trial teaching. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities Journal, 47 (4), 502-515.

Vasquez, E. & *Straub, C. (2012). Evidence based online instruction for students with disabilities: A review of the literature. Journal of Special Education Technology, 27 (3), 31-40.

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Vasquez, E., Slocum, T., Mason, L., Okeeffe, B., *Lopez, A., *Straub, C., *Powell, S., *Mkinney, T., *Bedsem, P., *Walker, Z., & *Gonzalez, T. (2011). Empirical research on ethnic minority students: 1995-2009, Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, (2), 84-94.

Davis, R. L., Ninness, C., Rumph, R., McCuller, G., Stahl, K., Ward, T., & Vasquez, E. (2008). Functional assessment of self-initiated maladaptive behaviors: A case study. Behavior and Social Issues, 17, 66-85.

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Morgan, R. L., Morgan, R. B., & Vasquez, E. (2006). I can search for jobs on the Internet! A web site that helps youth in transition identify preferred employment. Teaching Exceptional Children, 38 (6), 6-11.

Ninness, C., Rumph, R., McCuller, G., Vasquez, E., Bradfield, A., & Ninness, S., (Winter 2005).  A Relational frame and artificial neural network approach to computer-interactive mathematics. The Psychological Record, 55, 561-570.

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