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Abraham Antonio Salinas Miranda
Assistant Prof Director Harrell Ctr

University of South Florida



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James and Jennifer Harrell Center for the Study of Family Violence
University: University of South Florida
Director: Abraham Salinas
Address: College of Public Health,
13201 Bruce B Downs Blvd, MDC 56
Tampa, FL 33612-3805
Phone: (813) 974-7069
Fax: (813) 974-7830
Type: University Institute or Center

The mission of The James and Jennifer Harrell Center is to develop and integrate knowledge with best practices to strengthen community responses to family violence. The Center's objectives include the prevention of violence between family members, including partners, children and the elderly; thereby creating a safer, more peaceful and productive workplace, community, nation and world. To accomplish this, the Center focuses on research, idea-sharing, multi-disciplinary training and continuing education, policy analysis and advocacy.

Research Descriptors: Family Violence and Child Abuse

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