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Prabir Barooah

University of Florida


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Coordinated coontrol of loads to provide virtual energy storage to the power grid
Duration: (00:58:34)
Year: 2017
Keyword: demand response, solar, wind, smart grid
A talk delivered at LINCS, Paris, on my recent research on how to coordinate actions of many energy consuming devices to obtain "Virtual Energy Storage" that can help the grid cope with the intermittent supply of renewable energy sources

Research overview
Keyword: renewable energy, smart grid, solar, wind, energy efficiency
An overview of the research at the DiCE (Distributed Control of Energy systems) lab at the University of Florida

A renewable energy-rich future: are we there yet?
Duration: (00:59:31)
Year: 2015
Keyword: solar, Florida, smart grid, renewable energy
An overview of the challenges in integrating large amounts of renewable energy into the power grid.

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