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Woo Hyoung Lee

University of Central Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
06-02-2021 10-11-2021 Black water characterization and determination for low tier water applications
01-01-2021 12-31-2024 Development of Heavy Metal Sensors and Analytical Systems for Methanogens in Anaerobic Digestion
12-01-2020 11-30-2021 Desalination using Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide Nano-Solar Eveporator
07-01-2020 06-30-2022 [EPA P3 Phase II] A Biopolymer-based Simple Lead Check in Tap Water
07-01-2020 06-30-2022 Lemelson Foundation Environmentally Responsible Engineering (ERE) Pilot Program
02-26-2020 07-31-2021 Effective Detecting and Remediating Mercury Using Polyelectrolyte Nanofiber Membranes with Carbon Nanotubes and Platinum Nanoparticles
08-01-2019 06-30-2021 CO2 utilization mass balance i
06-15-2019 08-31-2021 A Novel MoS2 Sponge Oil-Water
04-01-2019 03-31-2022 Phase 2: A Novel 2D MoS2 Spong
06-06-2018 05-05-2021 Emulsion Characterization Stud
05-21-2018 03-31-2019 Surface Investigation of Silicate Corrosion Control Mechanisms and Impact on Lead Corrosion using Microelectrodes
08-01-2017 10-31-2022 UCF I-Corps Site - enhancing t
07-27-2017 02-28-2018 Bacterial Enumeration and Bacterial Endotoxin Testing
02-01-2017 01-31-2019 A Novel 2D MoS2 Sponge Oil-Water Separator (MDSOS)
01-25-2017 03-11-2017 Bacterial enumeration and bacterial endotoxin testing
09-01-2016 05-31-2021 RET Site: Collaborative Multid
07-22-2016 08-31-2017 Optimization of Struvite Crystallization and Ammonia Recovery
08-01-2015 07-31-2016 Algae as a Sustainable Life Support System during Long Duration Space Missions
07-21-2015 08-30-2015 Microsensor Oil-in-Water Emulsion Characterization
07-01-2015 06-30-2016 A Novel Symbiotic Micro-Algae Recovery Technology (SMART) for Sustainable Water Management and Biofuel Production
04-10-2015 05-09-2021 NASA Florida Space Grant Conso
11-10-2014 12-31-2015 Post-Construction Water Quality Evaluation of the Imperial Lakes Water Treatment Plant
09-01-2014 08-31-2020 I/UCRC Multi-functional Integrated System Technology (MIST)
09-01-2013 08-14-2014 The Graywater Recycling System and Related Water Quality Standard

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