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Thomas R Unnasch
Professor Strategic Area Lead

University of South Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
09-21-2021 09-30-2022 Establish laboratory capable of Ov16 ELISA assays for th
09-01-2021 08-31-2022 Onchocerciasis infection and exposure evaluations in Afr
04-20-2021 04-19-2022 Adapting PiggyBac transfection to Dirofilaria immitis
09-01-2020 08-31-2021 Onchocerciasis Infection and Exposure Evaluations
08-15-2020 08-14-2021 Using vector blood meals to predict transmission of zoon
05-01-2020 07-31-2022 Evaluation of community directed vector control on trans
11-15-2019 03-31-2020 Onchocerciasis Epidemiological Evaluation in Osun and Go
09-01-2019 08-31-2020 Onchocerciasis Elimination Programs
09-01-2018 08-31-2019 Onchocerciasis Elimination Program ( River Blindness)
08-01-2018 07-31-2019 Laboratory strengthening through technical support and training
06-01-2018 05-31-2020 Development of a Tool Kit for Huamn Fillarial Transfecti
09-01-2017 08-31-2018 Detection of Onchocerca volvulus transmision
12-30-2016 12-29-2021 Southeastern Regional CoE in Vector-Borne Diseases: The
09-01-2016 08-31-2021 Community-directed vector control to enhance mass drug a
09-01-2016 08-31-2017 Detection of Onchocerca volvulus Parasite
03-01-2016 02-28-2021 Functional Interplay between Brugia and its Wolbachia Sy
12-01-2015 11-30-2016 Understanding the ecology of the emerging, zoonotic Onch
11-02-2015 12-31-2016 Community Driven Onchocerciasis Entomology Study
09-01-2015 08-31-2016 Optimizing Honey-Card Arbovirus Surveillance to Rapidly Detect Transmission of Mosquito-Borne Virus Transmission in Florida
01-01-2014 12-31-2014 High Resolution Ecological Mapping of Filarial Vectors
09-01-2013 08-31-2014 Evaluating Novel Methods to Rapidly Detect Transmission
09-01-2013 08-31-2014 Onchocerca Volvulus Parasite Detection
08-15-2013 07-31-2015 Ecdysteroid Signaling in Filarial Parasites
08-01-2013 07-31-2018 Delineating EEEV Over-Wintering and Early Season Amplification Mechanisms
06-24-2013 06-23-2014 Development of a PCR Assay to Detect Larvae of the Dog P
06-15-2013 06-14-2018 Molecular Mechanisms of Filarial Endosymbiosis
09-01-2012 08-31-2013 Transmission of Onchocerciasis in the Americas and Africa
12-01-2011 11-30-2012 Spatial Modeling of Onchocerciasis foci in Africa by Remote Sensing
01-25-2011 01-24-2012 Countermeasures to Biological and Chemical Threats
09-30-2010 12-31-2014 Development of a Simulium black fly trap for monitoring onchocerciasis transmission
09-29-2010 09-28-2011 Counterneasures to Biological and Chemical Threats
03-01-2010 02-28-2011 Transmission of Onchocerciasis in the Americas and Africa
08-15-2009 08-14-2010 Collaborative Research: Spatial Modeling of Onchocerciasis Foci in Africa by Remote Sensing
06-05-2009 10-31-2009 Ecology of Encephalitis Viruses in the USA: Supplement for Summer Research Experience for Students
03-01-2009 02-28-2010 Onchoceriasis Elimination Program for the Americas
01-01-2008 02-28-2011 Ecology of Encephalitis Viruses in the USA
01-01-2008 12-31-2008 CCI Onchoceriasis Elimination Program for the Americas (OEPA) Epidemiology/PCR Program Component
01-01-2008 01-31-2008 Transfection and Analysis of Transcription in B. Malayi
12-01-2007 11-30-2011 Mapping Protein Interactions between Filaria and its Wolbachia Endosymbiont

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