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John J Mecholsky,Jr.

University of Florida



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Recent Publications:
S. W Freiman and J. J. Mecholsky, Jr., The Fracture of Brittle Materials: Testing and Analysis, J. Wiley Pub., February 2019.

J.J. Mecholsky, Jr., A.A. Barrett, C.T. Jones, K.M. Pace, U.P. Nair,

        Fractographic Analysis: Cyclic Failure Separation of Endodontic Rotary File Designs,

 Journal of Material Science: Materials in Medicine 2020, 31 [104]

Nader Abdulhameeda,b, Brendan Angusa, Jack Wanamakera and John J. Mecholsky, Jr.a

Quantitative Fractography as a Novel Approach to Measure Fracture Toughness of Direct Resin Composites, J Mechanical Behavior of Biomaterials 2020 [109] 103857

J. J. Mecholsky, Jr., Shu-Min Shu, O. Jadaan, J.A. Griggs, D. Neal, A.E. Clark, X. Xia, J. Esquivel-Upshaw, Forensic and Reliability Analyses of Fixed Dental Prostheses, J Biomedical Materials Research -B  2021, 1098 (3)

Mecholsky JJ, DeLellis DP, Mecholsky NA, Relationship Between Fractography, Fractal Analysis and Crack Branching, Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020), doi:

Charles R Fisher, John J Mecholsky, Michael S Kesler, Hunter B Henderson, Michele V Manuel, A Reactive Element Approach to Improve Fracture Healing in Metallic Systems, Frontiers in Materials [Structural Materials  - Original Research] 6:210. doi: 10.3389/fmats. August 2019.

H. B. Brown, J.G. Peloso, W.Clay-Werner, J.J. Mecholsky, Jr., N.D. Cohen, J.B. Vogler, A Thoroughbred racehorse with a unicortical palmar lateral condylar fracture returned to training 14 days after surgery: a hypothesis on the role of a single bone screw on crack propagation, J. Equine Sci, V.30, No.1 pp. 7-12 (2019)

B. Angus , N. Abdulhameed , J.J. Mecholsky, Jr., Toughness Measurement in Direct Resin Composites Using Quantitative Fractographic Analysis, Stomatology EDU Journal  V.5, 1 (2018).

Jovan Tatar, Christa E. Torrence, John J. Mecholsky, Jr., Curtis R. Taylor, H. R. Hamilton, Effects of silane surface functionalization on interfacial fracture energy 1 and durability of adhesive bond between cement paste and epoxy,  International Journal of Adhesives and Adhesion  International J. of Adhesion and Adhesives V. 84 p.132-142 (2018) [ ]

Derek Starkey, Cathy Taylor, Sunil Siddabathuni, Jinit Parikh, Spyros Svoronos, John Mecholsky, Kevin Powers and Ron Iacocca, Modeling of continuous self-classifying spiral jet mills part 2: Powder-dependent parameters from characterization experiments, AIChE Volume 60, Issue 12, pages 4096–4103, December 2014

Gopalakrishnan K, Mecholsky Jr JJ. Qunatitative fractography of mixed-mode fracture in soda lime silica glass. J Am. Ceram Soc.(2012)

Gopalakrishnan K, Mecholsky Jr JJ. Mixed-mode fracture in an R-curve material. (2012) Engineering Fract Mech. V.79,380-388.

 Barbara A. Purdy, Kevin S. Jones, John J. Mecholsky, Gerald Bourne, Richard C. Hulbert Jr., Bruce J. MacFadden, Krista L. Church, Michael W. Warren, Thomas F. Jorstad, Dennis J. Stanford, Melvin J. Wachowiak, Robert J. Speakman. Earliest Art in the Americas: Incised Image of a Proboscidean on a Mineralized Extinct Animal Bone from Vero Beach, Florida. Journal of Archaeological Science, 2 June 2011.

S. W. Freiman • J. J. Mecholsky Jr., The fracture energy of brittle crystals, J Mater Sci (2010) 45:4063-4066.

Levesque, G., Arakere, N. K., Mecholsky, J., Gopalakrishnan, K., 2010, "Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Mixed-Mode Fracture Parameter on Silicon Nitride Using the Brazilian Disc Test," Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures.. 33 (8), pp. 490-503.

C. Anunmana, K. J. Anusavice and J. J. Mecholsky, Jr , Interfacial toughness of bilayer dental ceramics
          based on a short-bar, chevron-notch test Dental Materials, V. 26, Issue 2, pp. 111-117(2010).




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