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Swadeshmukul Santra

University of Central Florida



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Begin Date End Date Title
06-01-2022 05-31-2025 Management of tree health and huanglongbing disease pressure using advanced Zn formulations
05-15-2022 05-14-2025 Nano-enabled hybrid phosphorus platforms for increasing phosphorus use efficiency
05-01-2022 11-30-2022 RF: Advanced fertilizer formulation for optimal plant health management
07-01-2021 12-31-2022 Systemic formulations of antibacterial nanoparticles for Pierce’s disease management
07-01-2021 06-30-2022 Systemic formulations of antibacterial nanoparticles for Pierce’s disease management
01-01-2021 12-31-2022 Exploring mechanisms of chemical resistance in Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni and strategies to mitigate resistance and improve disease control
01-29-2020 09-30-2020 Nano-Zinc coated urea: an innovative approach to systemic delivery of Zn-micronutrient – Part 2
10-01-2019 12-31-2021 Project to support conferences through Nanoscience Tech Center Sponsorships. 20088001 represents the project period of 2008-2018. Project 20088004 represents the project period of 2018 to current (due to change in management fee)
09-01-2019 08-31-2023 Management of endemic and emerging bacterial diseases of Capsicum by plant resistance, novel compounds, and understanding pathogen diversity
01-14-2019 01-14-2020 RF: TTO Gowan Company LLC- Com
11-01-2018 02-28-2022 Novel multi-metal systemic bac
03-06-2018 06-30-2022 A project, the purpose of which is to track donations, gifts, and contributions received by the UCF Foundation and being used to support research activities in Materials Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture (Foundation Fund ID RSCH000073)
09-01-2016 01-31-2018 Development of a Novel Blood-Brain-Barrier Transportable nanotechnology for Selective Delivery of Radiological and Chemotherapeutic Agents in in-vitro and in-vivo Glioblastoma Cells
03-01-2016 02-29-2020 Nanotechnology for improving local systemic activity of Copper (Cu) pesticides and measuring sub-surface Cu bioavailability in plant tissue
09-01-2015 07-15-2020 Limiting losses to bacterial spot through knowledge of global pathogen diversity, improved seed health, novel bactericides, and tomato breeding
07-01-2015 12-31-2017 T-SOL™ antimicrobial for the management of citrus canker and HLB
03-01-2015 02-29-2020 Zinkicide™ A Nanotherapeutic for HLB
06-01-2014 11-30-2015 Zinkicide: A novel therapeutic zinc particulate based formulation for preventing citrus canker and HLB
04-01-2014 03-31-2017 New non-phytotoxic composite polymer film barrier as ACP repellent for controlling HLB infection
02-15-2014 02-09-2015 RF - TT Commercialization Gowan Co. Exclusive Evaluation Agreement 2014
04-01-2013 03-31-2016 Fixed-Quat: A novel alternative to Cu fungicide/bactericide for preventing citrus canker
10-01-2012 09-30-2015 Soluble core-shell copper loaded silica nanoparticle formulation with improved Cu bioavailability
08-01-2012 07-31-2016 Engineering and study of a new multifunctional sensing nanoprobe for direct and rapid delivery of cargo to cytosol, reporting on the delivery event, and quantification of delivered cargo
02-09-2012 03-09-2012 Polymer coated QCMs for measurment for adsorption/desorption of volatiles
11-01-2011 06-30-2014 Pump and Treat Aerobic Flushing Bioreactor Landfill
06-15-2011 08-31-2013 RF - Gowan-UCF Field Trial: Copper Loaded Silica Formulation
05-07-2011 05-06-2012 Synthesis and Characterization of Titanium Dioxide Surface Speckled Megnetic Silica Nanoparticles and Labeling of Monoclonal Antibody using Flourescent CdS:Mn/ZnS Quantum Dots
10-01-2010 09-30-2013 Copper loaded silica nanogel technology for long term prevention of citrus canker disease
01-04-2010 06-30-2012 Fate of Nanoparticles in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
11-01-2008 04-30-2011 A Miniature RFID Sensor for Biological Warfare Agents (BWAS) Detection - NanoScience Portion (This project linked to: 64018147, 64018149, and 64018150)
09-01-2008 06-30-2011 Develop multimodal imaging tags to track AAV delivery in vivo
05-15-2008 12-30-2036 RF - NanoScience Tech Center S

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