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Swadeshmukul Santra

University of Central Florida



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Materials Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Center (MISA)
University: University of Central Florida
Director: Swadeshmukul Santra
Address: 4353 Scorpius St. Suite 246
Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-823-4184
Type: University Institute or Center

The vision of the center is to:

  • Promote interdisciplinary research culture for stimulating innovations in materials research
  • Develop new technologies for protecting sustainability of agriculture industry challenged by emerging threats of plant diseases and unpredictable weather patterns
  • Establish industry-academia close collaboration for educational and technological knowledge sharing
  • Establish interdisciplinary education and extension program to help growers in making informed decision
  • Promote sustainable outcomes by adopting innovative approaches through engagement of stakeholders, scientists, engineers, industry partners and regulatory agencies

Research Descriptors: Materials Sciences

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