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Alexander S Parker

University of Florida



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Jacksonville Aging Studies Center (JAX-ASCENT)
University: University of Florida
Director: Alexander Parker
Address: 2nd Floor, POB
1833 Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32206
Phone: (904) 244-4690; (877) 430-9579
Type: University Institute or Center

JAX-ASCENT was created to provide an integrative physical and intellectual environment in which trainees at all levels and scientists from diverse disciplines can interact and conduct clinical and behavioral translational research on aging and independence of older adults.

Organizers are using a five-year, $3.6 million award from the National Institutes of Health to develop and operate the center, located on the second floor of the professional office building on the UF Health Jacksonville campus. The space includes interview and examination rooms for health assessments, physical performance measures and cognition, memory, body composition and strength tests.

Researchers will conduct behavioral, nutritional and pharmacologic clinical trials targeting older adults, particularly racial minorities and people of low socioeconomic status. They will also study social determinants of health that contribute to chronic diseases and functional decline within those demographic groups.

A key component is the participant registry. Each year, JAX-ASCENT wants to register 1,000 people — adults 60 and older who will receive information about the latest research being conducted. If they qualify, they may be invited to take part in a variety of studies. There is no cost to participate and compensation may be provided, as well as transportation to and from the center, if necessary.

Research Descriptors: Aging

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