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Elizabeth Ann Shenkman
Professor and Chair

University of Florida



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Recent Publications:

 1.      Herndon, JB, Vogel B, Bucciarelli R, Shenkman E. (2008) The Effect of Premium Changes on SCHIP Enrollment Duration. Health Services Research. Apr;43(2):458-77.

2.      Herndon, JB, Vogel B, Bucciarelli R, Shenkman E. (2008) The Effect of Renewal Policy Changes on SCHIP Disenrollment. Health Services Research. 43(6):2086-2105.
3.      Knapp, C., Madden, V., Curtis, C., Sloyer, P., Huang, I.-C. Thompson, L. & Shenkman, E. A. (2008) Florida’s Partners in Care: Together for Kids Pediatric Palliative Care Model. Journal of Palliative Medicine. 11(9):1212-1219.
4.      Huang, I.-C., Shenkman, E. A., Leite, W., Knapp, C., et al. (2009) Measurement Invariance Was Not Found in Adolescents’ Quality of Life Rated by Parents and Adolescents. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology , 62(3): 337-346.
5.      Knapp, C., Shenkman, E. A., Marcu, M., Madden, V., & Terza, J. (2009) Pediatric Palliative Care: Describing Hospice Users and Identifying Factors Attributed to Differences in Hospice Expenditures. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 12(3): 223-229.
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7.      Knapp CA, Madden V, Wang H, Kassing K, Curtis C, Sloyer P, Shenkman EA. (2009) Paediatric nurses' knowledge of palliative care in Florida: a quantitative study. Int J Palliat Nurs. Sep;15(9):432-9.
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10.      Knapp C, Madden V, Wang H, Curtis C, Sloyer P, Shenkman E (2009) Music therapy in an integrated pediatric palliative care program. Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2009 Dec-2010 Jan;26(6):449-55. Epub 2009 Aug 7.
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12.      Thompson LA, Knapp CA, Saliba H, Giunta N, Shenkman E, Nackashi J. (2009) The Impact of Insurance on Satisfaction and Family-Centered Care for Children with Special Health Care. Pediatrics. Dec;124 Suppl 4:S420-7.
13.     Knapp C, Madde V, Marcu M, Sloyer P, Shenkman E (2010) Parents' Experiences in Choosing a Health Plan for Their Children with Special Health Care Needs. Matern Child Health J. Mar 8.
14.      Knapp C, Madden V, Curtis C, Sloyer P, Shenkman E (2010) Family support in pediatric palliative care: how are families impacted by their children's illnesses? J Palliat Med. Apr;13(4):421-6.
15.      Knapp C, Madden V, Curtis C, Sloyer P, Shenkman E (2010) Assessing non-response bias in pediatric palliative care research. Palliat Med. Apr;24(3):340-7.
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18.      Knapp, C., V. Madden, C. Curtis, P. Sloyer, and E. Shenkman. (2010) Family Support in Pediatric Palliative Care: How Are Families Impacted by Their Children’s Illnesses?” Journal of Palliative Medicine, Epub ahead of print. PMID 20144024.
19.      Knapp C, Madden V, Marcu M, Wang H, Curtis C, Sloyer P, Shenkman E. (2010) Information seeking behaviors of parents whose children have life-threatening illness. Pediatr Blood Cancer 56:805-811.
20.      Huang IC, Kenzik KM, Shearer PD, Sanjeev TY, Nackashi JA, Revicki DA, Shenkman EA. Quality of life information and trust in physicians among families of children with life-limiting conditions. In Press Achieves of Childhood Diseases.
21.      Staras SAS, Kairalla JA, Hou W, Sappenfield WM, Thompson DR, Ranka D, Shenkman EA. Association between perinatal medical expenses and a waiver to increase Florida Healthy Start services within Florida Medicaid programs: 1998 to 2006. Maternal and Child Health Journal. E-pub May 2011. PMID: 21559775.
22. Knapp, C., V. Madden, H. Wang, P. Sloyer, and E. Shenkman. Internet Use and e-Health Literacy of Low-Income Parents Whose Children Have Special Health Care Needs. In Press, Journal of Medical Internet Research, June 2011.
23.      Huang IC, Leite WL, Revicki DA, Shearer PD, Seid M, Shenkman EA. Differential item functioning in quality of life measures between children with and without special health care needs In Press Value in Health.
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25.      Herndon J.B., Mattke S., Cuellar A., Hong S.Y., Shenkman E. Anti-Inflammatory Medication Adherence and Health Care Utilization and Expenditures among Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program Enrollees with Asthma. In press PharmacoEconomics.
26.      I-Chan Huang, Kelly M. Kenzik, Patricia D. Shearer, Dennis A. Revicki, Sanjeev Y. Tuli, John A. Nackashi, E. Shenkman. Provision of quality of life information increases physician trust among families of children with life-limiting conditions. Patient Related Outcome Measures 2010; 1: 141-148.
27.      I-Chan Huang, Pey-Shan Wen, Dennis A. Revicki, E. Shenkman. Quality of life measurement for children with life-threatening conditions: limitations and a new framework. Child Indicators Research 2011; 4 (1): 145-160. (An invited paper with peer reviews).
28.      Staras SAS, Vadaparampil ST, Haderxhanaj LT, Shenkman EA. Disparities in human papillomavirus vaccine series initiation among adolescent girls enrolled in Florida Medicaid programs, 2006-2008. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2010;47:381-388.

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