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David Worthington Hahn
Professor and Chair

University of Florida



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Recent Publications:
74)  B.C. Windom, W.G. Sawyer, D.W. Hahn.  A Raman Spectroscopic Study of MoS2 and MoO3: Applications to Tribological Systems, Tribology Letters, 42:301-310 (2011).
73) H. Lindner, K.H. Loper, D.W. Hahn, K. Niemax.  The influence of laser-particle interactions in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma spectrometry, Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 66:179-185 (2011).
72)  B.T. Fisher and D.W. Hahn.  Real-time measurement of ArF excimer laser corneal tissue ablation rates using cross-correlation of laser waveforms, Optics Express, 19:4231-4241 (2011).
71)  M.E. Asgill, H.Y. Moon, M.N. Omenetto, D.W. Hahn.  Investigation of polarization effects for nanosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 65:1033-1040 (2010).
70)  P.K. Diwakar, S. Groh, K. Niemax, D.W. Hahn.  Study of analyte dissociation and diffusion in laser-induced plasmas:  Implications for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, J. Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy, 25:1921-1930 (2010).
69)  D.W. Hahn and N. Omenetto.  Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Part I:  Review of basic diagnostics and plasma-particle interactions:  Still-challenging issues within the analytical plasma communityApplied Spectroscopy, 64:336A-366A (2010).
68)  N. Argibay, J.H. Keith, B.A. Krick, D.W. Hahn, G.R. Bourne, W.G. Sawyer. High-temperature vapor phase lubrication using carbonaceous gases.  Tribology Letters, 40:3-9 (2010).
67)  S. Groh, P.K. Diwakar, C.C. Garcia, A. Murtazin, D.W. Hahn, K. Niemax.  100% efficient sub-nanoliter sample introduction in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and inductively-coupled plasma spectrometry: Implications for ultralow sample volumes, Analytical Chemistry, 82:2568-2573 (2010).
66)  M.E. Asgill, M.S. Brown, K. Frische, W.M. Roquemore, D.W. Hahn.  Double-pulse and single-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for distinquishing between gaseous and particulate phase analytes, Applied Optics, 49:C110-119 (2010).
65)  B.C. Windom, D.W. Hahn.  Laser-ablation - Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LA-LIBS):  A Means for Overcoming Matrix Effects Leading to Improved Analyte Response, J. Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy, 24:1665-1675 (2009).
64)  D. W. Hahn.  Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Analysis of Aerosol Particles:  The Path Toward Quantitative Analysis, Spectroscopy, 24:26-33 (2009).
63)  M.E. Asgill, D. W. Hahn.  Particle Size Limits for Quantitative Aerosol Analysis Using Laser-Iniduced Breakdown Spectroscopy:  Temporal Considerations, Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 64:1153-1158 (2009).
62)  D. Diaz, D.W. Hahn, A. Molina.  Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for Detection of Ammonium Nitrate in Soils, SPIE, 7303:73031E (2009).

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